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At Alpha Phi we value education greatly. We want our sisters to enjoy the social and philanthropic aspects of the chapter but encourage members to take advantage of the academic benefits the chapter has to offer as well. There are many academic resources that come with joining Alpha phi, including scholarship meetings, study hours, or simply finding a friend in the house to help with school work. Through these programs and opportunities it is our goal to make sure that school remains a priority in our busy lives. Most recently, our chapter received a chapter average GPA of 3.51, the highest out of any student organization at Lehigh University. We are so proud of our incredible accomplishment!

Phis Over Seas!

With Lehigh’s many abroad programs, we encourage our sisters to take advantage of the opportunity to see the world and gain a once in a lifetime global experience that comes with spending time over seas. We miss our sisters a lot when they are gone exploring the world but love hearing their stories when they come home!