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sisterhood events

The creation of relationships between sisters and the cultivation of a strong bond among chapter members is a valued aspect of joining Alpha Phi. Throughout the semester, we host several sisterhood events. Everyone looks forward to sisterhood events, as they are a great break from school and a great opportunity for sisters to spend time with each other! Sisterhood events include apple picking, a trip to Dorney Park, bowling, and other fun activities! Sisterhood events are just one way that our chapter maintains a tight-knit community.


Every year, as many chapters do, members of our most recent new member class get to join a lineage by gaining a “big” in the new member class above them. Big/little week is one of the most exciting weeks of spring semester. Over the course of the week bigs give all sorts of gifts and leave hints for the little. The week concludes with an exciting reveal that marks the initiation of a little into a lineage.


A big-little relationship offers a mentor and role model for the little and often creates a special relationship between sisters. A big-little relationship forms a sisterly bond that is unlike any other bond in the chapter. We look forward to big little every year and cannot wait for our next new member class to join so that we can all add to our lineages!

Ivy Linkers

Ivy Linkers is a program implemented in the spring semester to help our new members acclimate to the chapter. New members and older sisters are paired up to do activities together. It’s a great way for sisters to forge bonds with members outside of their new member class and helps new members feel more at home in the chapter.